Victoria Hospitals Foundation


Wilson Block, 1952 Bay Street
Victoria, BC  V8R 1J8
Phone: 250.519.1750
Fax: 250.519.1751
Email: vhf@viha.ca

Website: http://www.victoriahf.ca/


Our whole community benefits when everyone has access to the finest care. The Victoria Hospitals Foundation is a registered charity that raises funds for leading-edge medical equipment and special projects at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals. Every year our donors have a tremendous impact on our hospitals by funding hundreds of pieces of medical equipment that contribute to better patient care, faster diagnosis and more efficient treatment.

Working together with Island Health, we aim to inspire people to give and to show them that their donations truly do make a difference. The cumulative effect of our community’s generosity on every area of care is outstanding – since 1989, we have raised nearly $107 million to directly benefit our hospitals. By providing our medical teams with the highest quality tools, we ensure that every patient receives the best care – from tiny newborns to the eldest members of our community. Advances in technology help our medical teams do their finest work, and donations allow equipment to be replaced much faster than if government funding alone was relied on. When people make the choice to give to our hospitals, they are investing not only in their own health, but in the health of the entire community.

Together with our donors we made history by completing the largest-ever healthcare fundraising campaign on Vancouver Island. Building Care Together wrapped up in 2013 with $25 million raised. Our new hospital – the award-winning Patient Care Centre – is a testament to the power of working together and what can be achieved through generosity.

Doctors and caregivers feel deeply connected to the donors who support them in their work, and patients feel equally connected to the medical teams who help them in their time of need. Many patients make Caring Spirit donations in honour of the medical teams who care for them. Showing gratitude for the care and healing they receive is a meaningful way to give back and say thank you.

A small gesture can have a surprisingly big impact. Every single gift, no matter what the size, ultimately makes a difference to patients and the medical teams caring for them.  For more information, call the Foundation at 250-519-1750 or visit www.victoriahf.ca.