Esquimalt Waterfront Advisory

May 10, 2016

Due to a fuel spill in Esquimalt Harbour on Sunday, May 8, members of the public are being asked to avoid the water and shoreline in the Plumper Bay area.

Containment, clean-up and assessment operations are underway; however, a small amount of fuel may have moved into other areas of Esquimalt Harbour.

As a result, public health officials recommend that people and pets avoid contact with water and shoreline that appear to be contaminated, or smell of diesel. If contact inadvertently occurs, affected skin should be thoroughly washed.

Due to the spill, Fisheries and Oceans Canada is also prohibiting harvest of all fish species in Esquimalt Harbour. The closure order was recommended by Island Health and the First Nations Health Authority, and prohibits harvesting of fish in waters possibly affected by the spill. 

The closure is a precautionary measure and will be reviewed when lab results show whether or not the fuel spill is affecting these fish.

There is an ongoing closure for the harvesting of bivalve shellfish which remains in effect in the area.

Members of the public and users of the waterway should not attempt to clean up any diesel. Protective gear and proper training are necessary to ensure proper health and safety.

And please, do not attempt to rescue wildlife that appears to be impacted by the spill. Oiled animals are highly stressed and should not be approached or treated without proper training. If you come across an animal impacted by a fuel spill, please call Western Canada Marine Response Corporation at 778-991-0003.

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Kellie Hudson
Media Relations Manager