Island Health Statement on Head Lice Management in Schools

February 22, 2017
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The Island Health Head Lice Management Guidelines were updated September, 2016 by the Public Health Nursing program. These guidelines provide recommendations and resources for schools on lice management based on current information. These guidelines are not a policy for schools, as the Health Authority does not set policy for schools on this issue. Schools and childcare facilities may set their own policies on lice management.

Island Health recommends children continue to be included in all school activities when lice are suspected or confirmed. Lice may be present on the scalp for weeks before they are discovered, and children are often in the school for days or weeks before head lice are detected; therefore, there is no benefit to school exclusion. Schools and care providers are encouraged to share information and resources and support families with lice management.

For more information about health risks associated with head lice:

For more information about Island Health recommendations for the management of head lice: www.viha.ca/health_info/lice.htm

Last updated February 23, 2017