Island Health Statement on Upgrades to Drinking Water Systems

June 30, 2014

The provincial Drinking Water Protection Act establishes the framework for the provision of safe quality drinking water within the province of B.C.  Since its adoption in 2001, drinking water system operators across the province have been working to take the appropriate actions necessary to comply with the expectations outlined in the legislation.

The authority and responsibility for the Drinking Water Protection Act is delegated directly to the Medical Health Officer from the province. While the Medical Health Officer and Environmental Health Officers are employed by Island Health, the expectations for drinking water are established provincially.

The guidelines that form these expectations of safe quality drinking water are agreed to on a national basis using a standard approach to risk evaluation in order to prevent disease.

Residents and visitors to our communities have an expectation of safe, quality drinking water at the tap, and Island Health supports access to safe, quality water that is comparable provincially and nationally for all residents of the region.