End of Life Program Priorities Update

August 8, 2014

Every year, approximately 6,000 people die of natural causes on Vancouver Island. How people who are dying choose to spend their last few weeks or days is a deeply personal choice as well as a factor of their care needs. High quality End of Life care is important to everyone dealing with End of Life, including individuals and their families living with end stage cancer, dementia, and significant chronic diseases. Dying within the region served by Island Health mirrors the patterns of how and where people die across Canada in that, generally, access to care and the type of care received, depends on where you live. Many people who are dying may end up in acute care during the last weeks of life when that is neither their care preference, nor their care need. Ensuring that clients have access to a full range of End of Life (EOL) services, including hospice palliative care, can ensure that clients and families coping with EOL issues and care have the appropriate and preferred choice of supports and services available to them.
Island Health End of Life Program Priorites Update - August 2014