Inpatient Programs

Rehabilitation team members work with hospitalized patients to optimize their recovery from the acute phase of an illness, injury or surgery and to assist with safe and timely discharge.

Patients who have greater rehabilitation needs (stroke, head injury or those with other complex issues after an injury, illness or surgery) may be considered for a specialized Inpatient Rehabilitation Program. For details please check:

Referral Process and Admission Guidelines for Adult Inpatient Rehabilitation.pdf

A doctor's referral is required and patients must meet the admission guidelines for each program.

There are 4 inpatient units with ‘designated’ adult rehabilitation beds in the region:

  • Royal Jubilee Hospital has a 25-bed Complex Musculo-Skeletal (orthopedic, amputee, medical, and surgical) Rehabilitation Unit
  • Victoria General Hospital (VGH 5N) has a 20-bed Neurological (stroke/brain injury) Rehabilitation Unit
  • Victoria General Hospital (VGH 5B) is an 18 bed Medical/Subacute Unit that has 9 designated Neuro/Rehab Beds
  • Nanaimo Regional General Hospital has 21 bed General Rehabilitation Unit

(Smaller facilities also have rehabilitation for inpatients but do not have ‘designated’ rehabilitation beds/units per se.)