Start the Conversation

Once you have thought about how your values, beliefs and wishes would guide your decisions in the event of a health crisis, the first step is to speak with those close to you and your health care providers to make sure they know and understand your wishes and are willing to honour them.

Talk to a trusted family member or friend

Letting your family and friends know about the care you do and do not want in the future will decrease their anxiety and help them if they need to make decisions on your behalf.

Talk to your doctor

It is important for you to discuss your wishes with your doctor to make sure your planning is based on accurate medical information. Discuss your thoughts and questions with him or her.  

Following this conversation, your doctor may complete a Medical Order for Scope of Treatment (MOST) to guide other members of your health care team in a medical emergency. 

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Make your plan.

Once you've thought about it and talked it over, it's time to Make Your Plan.