Reporting Sexual Assault or Violence to Police

Your care at the hospital is confidential and private.  The police or your parents will only be contacted if you ask us to.

What does “Reporting to Police” mean?

Reporting to police does not mean that you will go to court or that charges will be laid.  These things might happen but not always.

When you report to police they will start to investigate the incident.  They will ask you questions to get as much information as possible about what happened. The police will begin to collect samples which may be at the scene and/or from your visit to the hospital.  Sample collection from your body is the job of the Forensic Nurse Examiner (if you choose). The police might talk to witnesses or other people who may have seen or heard what happened.

How soon do I need to report to police?

If you choose to report to police it is best to report as soon as possible, however, there is no time limit.

What if I don't feel safe?

Working with the police can give you some protection. The police and a support worker can also help you with a safety plan for you (and your family).

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