Common Breast Health Concerns

Benign Breast Conditions

The following downloadable PDF files contain information on common benign (not cancerous) breast conditions. The information contained in them is meant to build on information you have obtained from your healthcare providers and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice.

Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia (PDF)
Breast Calcifications (PDF)
Breast Pain (PDF)
Fibroadenoma (PDF)
Fibrocystic Breast Condition (PDF)
Fluid-filled Cysts (PDF)
Nipple Discharge (PDF)

Any change in your breast(s) should be reported to your physician promptly. Learn what you can do if you are experiencing a breast health concern.

Breast Health Workshops

Breast Health Workshops are usually offered by the Breast Health Patient Navigator through the Saanich Parks and Recreation. Workshops may be arranged for individual community groups in the Greater Victoria area by contacting the Breast Health Patient Navigator by email at BreastHealth@viha.ca or by phoning (250) 727-4467.