Recruiting Events and Job Fairs

Throughout the year representatives of Island Health are invited to numerous events to promote the spectrum of careers in health care to new health care graduates, organizations and the public.

Island Health travels to communities providing information sessions and workshops on careers in health care and opportunities with Island Health. Our recruitment team also attends a number of health care profession-specific professional conferences with our recruitment booth.

If you have a job fair for Island Health to consider attending, please contact:
Rod O’Connell, Strategist, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Island Health
Email address: rod.oconnell@viha.ca

Upcoming Job Fairs and Events:

Island Health Information Sessions - just a few of the things you will learn: 
   •  The spectrum of careers in health care 
   •  What is it like to work at Island Health 
   •  Tips and tricks for navigating the Island Health application process