VI-Hire Security of Personal Information

Our goal is to provide a Career website that is user-friendly, secure and informative to help you quickly search and apply for job opportunities with Island Health. 

Security of Personal Information

Who has access to my personal information?
VI-Hire collects your personal information in order to assess your qualifications and suitability as a potential employee of Island Health. Your information will be reviewed by Island Health Human Resources employees and the Island Health Hiring Manager from the department to which you apply. Island Health will not disclose this information to third parties unless it is legally required to do so.  It is important not to share your ID or password with anyone in order to keep your personal information private.

Is my personal data secure?
Island Health respects your right to privacy and takes its responsibilities regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information seriously. Island Health is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) and has made appropriate security arrangements to protect the personal information in its care against such risks as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure and disposal.

Secure Vendor Hosted System
A security assessment has been conducted to evaluate that appropriate security controls are in place to protect the information being submitted.  VI-Hire is a vendor hosted system where the vendor is contractually obligated to secure the data held within the system.  Island Health’s security assessment process provides some additional assurances through validating some of the specific security controls that the vendor has implemented and has found these controls to be appropriate for this system.  Please note that this does not constitute an assurance the system is “impenetrable” but rather that reasonable controls are in place based on the sensitivity of the data being hosted by the vendor.

Confidential Passwords and Your Information 
You play a critical role in ensuring that your information stays secure. Most breaches occur as a result of poor password selection or failure to keep your password confidential.  Ensure that you select a strong password that is not guessable by others, Island Health employees should NOT use your Island Health Windows password, and never share your password with anyone.