Mom's Health

In the whirlwind of activity and emotions that follow the birth of a baby, moms sometimes forget that they need care, too. Research has shown that moms who care for themselves and are supported and cared for by their family and community are better able to care for their babies. Remember to take care of your own health as you care for your new child.
  • Eat a balanced diet that meets your energy needs and satisfies your appetite.
  • Remember that your body will continue to undergo physical and hormonal changes.
  • Rest when your baby sleeps.
  • Incorporate active living into your daily routine with your baby.
  • Be aware that many women experience the “baby blues” for a week or two after birth. If you have feelings of depression, anger, or anxiety that last longer than a week or two, talk to your doctor, midwife, or public health nurse about post-partum depression.