After the arrival of your baby, you will likely want to spend several days to a week resting as much as possible. Once you’ve regained your strength and your lochia (vaginal blood flow) has stopped, it is safe to begin doing moderate exercise.
  • After you have given birth, keep your physical activity light until vaginal bleeding has stopped. If you experience heavy bleeding, contact your doctor or midwife immediately.
  • Protect your lower back during any physical activity. The weight of enlarged breasts and weakened stomach muscles may put you at increased risk of injury.
  • Women who were very physically active before pregnancy and want to return to their exercise routines should consult their doctor or midwife.
  • Women who were not active before pregnancy may want to consider adding activities like walking or stretching to their new routines.
  • If you had a caesarean birth, you should be extra careful not to lift heavy objects or exert your stomach muscles until your incision is fully healed.
  • Increase physical activity gradually. Trust your body’s signals. Stop if you feel you are overdoing it.