Body Changes

The first days after birth:

  • You may have after birth pains, especially while breastfeeding.
  • You will continue to have vaginal blood flow (lochia). Call your doctor, midwife, or public health nurse if you experience excessive bleeding, or your flow doesn’t stop within a week.
  • You may lose the sensation that you have to urinate. Use the washroom frequently to avoid a full bladder. Feeling should return within a few days.
  • You may experience difficult bowel movements and hemorrhoids after giving birth.
  • When your baby is born, you will not lost all the weight you gained through pregnancy. It may take a year, or more, of active living for your body to settle at a healthy weight.

The first year after birth:

  • Menstruation will not likely occur until you have stopped breastfeeding. This does not necessarily mean you cannot become pregnant. Check with your doctor regarding your birth control options.
  • Active living can help you feel more energetic and less stressed. It will also help your body improve strength, balance, and endurance.