The Birth

Every birth is guided by choices but governed by circumstances. This section contains planning information and resources to help you prepare for labour, birth, and welcoming your baby into the world.
  • Giving birth is a natural, healthy process.
  • Before you reach labour, make time to discuss your wishes and plans for your birth experience with your doctor or midwife.
  • The members of your birth team - a doctor and/or a midwife, a labour nurse, and your support people (partner, husband, mother, friend) - will each play different but important roles in your birth experience.
  • Plan to visit your hospital so you can become familiar with the location, layout, procedures, and staffing.
  • Ensure you have plenty of help and support during your first days with your child. Give yourself time to regain your strength and bond with your baby. 

Did you know...

Over 40,000 women give birth each year in British Columbia. About 5% of those women are under 20 years old, and about 10% are over 35. Approximately ¼ of the babies born each year are delivered by caesarean birth. About 5% of babies are born premature and/or have a low birth weight.
(Source: B.C. Vital Statistics Agency)