Prenatal Nutrition

Your body is creating a new life. You will need nutritious foods and supplements to help fuel your baby’s development and maintain your own health.
  • Take a folic acid supplement (0.4 mg/day) and eat foods rich in folic acid (folate). This helps your baby develop a healthy brain and spine.
  • Eat at least two iron-rich foods every day.
  • Eat a balanced and varied diet based on the Canada Food Guide.
  • Eat regularly. (Three larger meals and two snacks per day.)
  • Make sure you have a healthy weight gain by eating to satisfy your appetite.
  • If you follow a restricted diet for health, personal, religious, or other reasons, consult a dietitian for advice on how you can meet the nutritional requirements of pregnancy.
  • Ask a dietitian about the safety of any nutritional supplements or herbal remedies you use. 

Did you know...

Research has found that folic acid, one of the B vitamins, is essential for the development of a healthy brain and spine. If you are planning to have children or are already pregnant, folic acid supplements help reduce the chances of your baby developing spina bifida. For more information, visit the HealthLink BC file on folic acid and neural tube defects.