This section provides information on keeping  your preschooler healthy (children aged three to five).
  • Nutritious meals and snacks based on the Canada Health Guide will help preschool children develop healthy eating habits and provide nutrients needed for healthy growth.
  • Preschoolers need to exercise their large muscles often. Give them time and space for activities like running, climbing, jumping, dancing, and swimming.
  • Preschoolers are ready to develop fine motor skills like holding a crayon, using scissors, zipping zippers, doing up buttons, and tying laces. Age-appropriate toys and activities will help them practice these skills.
  • Parenting preschool children involves caring for their social and emotional development.
  • Regular check-ups with your family doctor and public health nurse are important for ensuring your preschooler’s good health and development. Immunizations, as well as vision, speech, and hearing tests should be done before your child enters school.

Did you know? Vaccines save lives and prevent disease. To learn how your child can be immunized and when, please visit www.viha.ca/health_info/immunization/.