Car Seats

A car seat can save your child’s life. Make sure you have a certified, properly installed car seat made after 1997. Older or second-hand seats may not meet safety standards and may not protect your child in an accident.

As your toddler grows, you will need to change the type of car seat she uses. The Canada Safety Council recommends:

  • Rear-facing Infant Seat: Birth to 10 kg (22 lb.)
  • Forward-facing Child Seat: 10 - 18 kg (22 - 40 lb.)
  • Booster Seat: 18 kg (40 lb.) or over

Visit an ICBC car seat safety clinic to ensure your child’s seat is properly installed.

Did you know?

  • Four out of five children are not properly buckled up when they ride in vehicles.
  • Car accidents are the number one cause of death for children between one and nine years old.
  • About 75% of deaths and serious injuries that happen in car accidents would have been prevented by the correct use of a child restraint on every car trip.