Safe Home

Preschoolers can walk, run, climb, open, jump, and reach their way into almost anything. Be aware of the dangers in your home, especially the dangerous places and items that might be most interesting to a curious child. Prevent accidents by limiting risks and by talking to your child about the things in your home that could hurt him.
  • Ensure your child’s crib or bed, car seat, stroller, and all other equipment meet standards.
  • Store all household cleaners, medications, cosmetics, vitamins, and other poisons in secured cabinets out of reach of your child. A preschooler’s reach is only limited by her imagination so it is best to make sure storage areas have child-proof latches or locks.
  • Prevent choking by teaching your child not to put small objects in his mouth and encouraging him to sit while eating. Cut foods that are choking hazards (nuts, hotdogs) into small pieces.
  • Never leave your preschooler unattended in the bath.
  • Install safety gates on stairs.
  • Keep your home smoke-free. Children exposed to cigarette smoke are at higher risk of diseases and illnesses such as asthma.
  • Ensure toys are age-appropriate and well-made. Broken toys can injure children.
  • The lead in old paint and PVC mini-blinds can harm your child. Repaint and remove blinds from your home.
  • Make sure safety locks are installed on your windows.
  • Lower the temperature of your hot water heater to reduce the danger of scalding.