Safe Play

Preschoolers need lots of space outdoors to run and jump and climb, and a place indoors to play games and explore. You can protect your child from injury by making her play environments as safe as possible.
  • Give your child play activities he can handle.
  • Many community playgrounds have preschooler jungle gyms. Steps, slides, swings, and bridges are designed for the height and abilities of smaller children.
  • Make sure backyard pools, streams and ponds are not accessible to small children.
  • Teach and enforce rules for behaviour around roads and in driveways and parking lots.
  • Insist your children use protective helmets when skating or biking.
  • Make sure your children’s toys are age-appropriate and that both toys and clothes are safe and approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).
  • Protect your preschooler from the sun’s damaging UV rays by using protective clothing like hats and sunsuits, applying sunscreen, and limiting exposure.
  • Keep caution reasonable. Your child needs a wide variety of physical activities to develop the motor skills, balance, strength, and agility that will help her keep her own body safe as she grows and tries new things