The range of emotional development over a child’s school years will be broad and varied.

The overall goal is for children to have a healthy, strong, and integrated sense of self. This includes positive self-esteem, a belief in their abilities, a healthy sense of sexual development, and appropriate levels of independence and self-reliance.

There are many ways you can help nurture your child’s emotional development.

  • Build your child’s self-esteem by supporting his efforts. Warmly recognize his attempts and achievements with encouragement and praise.
  • Freely express your love and affection for your child.
  • Provide lots of opportunities for your child to learn and build skills. The chance to do something well is key to the development of positive self-esteem.
  • Talk about emotions. Teach your child healthy, appropriate ways for him to express and deal with anxiety, anger, and sadness, as well as excitement and happiness.
  • Stability at home, consistent rules, established routines, and clear expectations help your child develop a sense of security, responsibility, and belonging.
  • Talk and listen to your child. Your relationship is a key element in her emotional development.