Eyes, Ears, Teeth

Your child’s eyes, ears, and teeth require some special care to make sure they are strong and healthy. Hearing and vision are very important for successful learning and basic enjoyment of the world; and teeth must last a lifetime.
  • Your child should visit an optometrist (eye doctor) at least once every year for a vision test. Throughout the year, look for signs he may be having trouble seeing – squinting, headaches, rubbing his eyes.
  • Watch your child for any signs of hearing difficulties. Does she watch TV with the volume cranked? Does she seem to ignore you unless she watches you speak? Visit your public health nurse or family doctor if you suspect your child is having hearing problems.
  • Children should visit a dentist twice a year. In between visits, make sure your child is flossing and brushing his teeth with fluoride toothpaste.Children will need assistance to do this well until they have the manual skills equal to writing (not printing) their names.