Around the age of five, your child will enter school or begin more structured learning at home. As a parent, you will still be a key contributor to your child’s learning.
  • Continue to read aloud to your child every day. Make sure he has access to lots of books and magazines at home or from your local library. Encourage him to read to himself as much as he can.
  • If your child’s learning is mostly done outside of your home, get involved by volunteering at her school and helping with homework.
  • Encourage curiosity and imagination as part of everyday life.
  • Give your time and attention to your child’s interests and hobbies.
  • Capture “teachable moments” each day and use them to show your child that learning is exciting and that it can happen anywhere, anytime.
  • Model learning in your own life. Read, take courses, and show your own curiosity in new things.
  • Visit museums, art galleries, construction sites, tide pools, gardens, factories, farms, libraries, government buildings, plays, and airports. Go anywhere your child can glimpse and interact with the adult world, get inspired, or learn something new.