Your Toddler

Here you will find information on caring for your 6-month to 3-year-old child. Healthy physical, emotional, and mental development in your child’s toddler years give her the best start in life. These first years last forever.
  • Respond to your toddler’s cues – comfort, cuddle, listen, soothe, and talk to him as often as possible. 
  • As your toddler grows, you will need to introduce nutritious solid foods into her diet.
  • Take your toddler to visit your doctor and public health nurse for regular checkups and immunizations.
  • Select quality, nurturing child care.
  • Give your toddler safe environments to explore.
  • Provide age-appropriate toys for your child and play with him. Playing is how your child learns.

Did you know? Vaccines save lives and prevent disease. To learn how your child can be immunized and when, please visit www.viha.ca/health_info/immunization/.