Child Care

Safe, reliable child care providers and babysitters can enrich your toddler’s experiences and give you the peace of mind you need while you work or take time for yourself.

Child care is about child development, as well as allowing you to work or go to school.

If you want child care in your home:

  • Check certifications, references, and do a criminal record check.
  • Conduct interviews in your home and observe how the caregiver interacts with your child.

If you are selecting child care outside of your home:

  • Tour the daycare or home care centre.
  • Ask to see the caregiver’s license and certifications.
  • Ensure the caregiver-to-child ratio is low. Ideally, infants and toddlers are best cared for when there is one caregiver for every four children.

Finding a babysitter:

  • Ask friends, relatives, and neighbours for referrals.
  • Check with local high schools, child care referral agencies, recreation centres that offer babysitting classes, and senior citizen centres.

For all child care:

  • Ask how the caregiver will provide an enriching environment for your baby.
  • Discuss the caregiver’s discipline approach.
  • Talk about nutrition and arrangements for providing breast milk for your baby.
  • Ensure the caregiver has infant/child first aid training and emergency contact information.

When selecting child care or a babysitter for your baby, always trust your instincts. If you feel suspicious or uncomfortable with a caregiver or daycare centre, continue your search.