Motor Skills

Toddler’s can usually roll over and sit up, and by one year old they are learning more large motor skills like crawling, walking, and running. By the time your child is three years old, he will have completely mastered walking, running, jumping, clapping, and many other motor skills. There are many things you can do to foster these new developments.
  • Play together. Your child learns to move through games and exploration.
  • Provide age-appropriate toys that encourage movement. Balls, blocks, push and pull toys, and sandboxes are all fun ways to help your toddler develop motor skills.
  • Praise your toddler with words and actions when she attempts something new or achieves a milestone in physical development.
  • Nurturing actions like hugs and kisses are very important to the physical development of your child.
  • Be careful not to push your child into developing “early.” Children can be hurt by over-exerting their under-developed muscles and spine.