Your toddler’s brain is still forming the basic connections of how he will learn, think, feel, and experience the world. Caring, nurturing, and loving attention in the first few years helps your child develop a healthy brain that will last for the rest of his life.
  • From the beginning, every child has her own personality and temperament. Nurturing your child’s individuality and strengths will help her develop her best self.
  • Watch for and respond to cues that tell you what your toddler needs – rest, a hug, reassurance, food, a walk outside, loud play, quiet time.
  • Talk, sing, and read to your child as often as possible.
  • Cuddle and hug him often. Physical affection helps your toddler grow.
  • Regular routines and rituals help shape your toddler’s trust, expectations, and behaviour.
  • Your toddler will respond best to discipline that is calm, fair, and respectful. Physical discipline can cause serious, irreparable physical, mental, and emotional harm to your child.

Learning about child development can help you determine realistic expectations for the development and behaviour of your toddler.

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