Emotional Health

It may seem strange to talk about toddlers and stress, but the way a toddler learns to handle anxieties and fears now will make a blueprint for how they will develop emotionally into adulthood. There are many ways you can support healthy emotional development.
  • Establish routines for feeding, bathing, and napping. Toddlers cared for in an environment with regular routines experience less stress.
  • Nurturing and soothing attention during the first years set the foundation for a child’s ability to handle normal stress and anxiety. Each time a toddler is soothed it strengthens the connections in the brain that help her learn to calm herself.
  • Recognize that even very young children have their own temperaments. Respond to the cues your child is giving you about what they need to feel safe and loved. Consider how your parenting style interacts with your child’s personality.