Toddlers learn by watching, exploring, and imitating the world they live in. A loving, nurturing relationship between you and your child is the best environment for a child to learn. You are your child’s first and best teacher.
  • Talking, singing, listening, and reading to your child helps his brain grow, and teaches language skills.
  • Playing is your toddler’s work. It’s how she learns. Play with her, provide age-appropriate toys, and find opportunities for her to play with other children.
  • Your toddler learns from watching the people around him. He likes to imitate what he sees. Be aware that he will pick up your behaviours and habits.
  • Be selective about what your child watches on TV and how long she watches each day.
  • Praise and encouragement teaches your toddler about acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.
  • As your toddler grows, encourage her to make independent choices. Allow her chances to develop new skills and confidence by doing things on her own – like getting her shoes, brushing her teeth, drinking from a cup.