This section focuses on how to help youths aged 13 to 19 navigate adolescence and arrive at adulthood with a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy sexuality.

For Youth and Parents

Island Health offer services to promote optimal health and learning during adolescence.  Contact your local public health unit to learn about the services available to you or your teen including:

For more information, contact your local public health unit.

Some things to keep in mind if you are caring for teenagers:

  • Teenagers’ relationships with parents, family, friends, and peers are in transition. Respect their need for independence and privacy, while still providing support and boundaries.
  • Adolescence is the second fastest growth period your child will ever go through. Nutrition and active living are important for healthy growth.
  • Emotional changes are huge – pay attention. Listen. Don’t judge. And don’t take emotional outfall personally.
  • Taking risks is a natural part of growing up. Help your teen make informed decisions about tobacco, alcohol, drugs and other risks.
  • Talk openly with your teen about sexuality.  
  • Believe in and trust your child – most teenagers make it through the rocky terrain of adolescence without serious physical, mental, or emotional harm.

For School Communities