Healthy Body

Keeping teenagers safe and healthy is mostly a matter of encouraging healthy choices and personal safety.
  • Encourage your teen to maintain healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. 
  • Talk to your teen about how she can balance independence and risk-taking with personal safety.
  • Honest, open communication is the key to helping your teen make informed decisions about smoking, drugs and alcohol.
  • Helping your teen build self-esteem through competence, good decision-making skills, and emotional resilience is the best way to prevent emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Services for youth

Island Health offers a variety of services for youth, including:

The Central Island Healthy Lifestyles Program - Shapedown BC - Helps children (6-17) and their families achieve healthy lifestyles. (available in Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville and Qualicum)

Youth and Family Substance Use Services