Not since infancy has your child experienced such rapid growth. Helping him maintain a healthy diet may be difficult but it is essential
  • Encourage your teen to eat breakfast and make healthy choices while she is on her own throughout the day.
  • Keeping up meal routines, despite busy schedules, is a good way to get healthy food into your teen, and it will give you a chance to spend time together and talk.
  • Teens living with a sense of immortality will respond when you focus on the immediate benefits of good diet (increased energy, improved athletic ability, good skin).
  • Watch for signs of eating disorders: starving, binging and purging, overeating, excessive working out, diet pills, steroid use.
  • If your teen wants to make radical changes to his diet, such as becoming a vegetarian or entering a sport training diet, make sure he gets advice from a dietitian.
  • Model healthy eating habits and a positive self image.