Preventing Abuse

As they grow older, teenagers must take on more responsibility for their safety. This includes avoiding abusive situations and relationships. It is a good idea to start teaching your child street-proofing techniques while they are young and to continue these with your teenager.

Some of the ways to teach your teen how to prevent abuse will remain as they were when your child was younger. Below are some new messages to share with your child.

  • Bullying between teenagers is more likely to include serious aggressive and violent behaviour. Talk with your teen about conflict resolution strategies.
  • Continue teaching your teen how to deal safely with strangers. Talk about the motives of both adult and teen strangers. Encourage your teen to think critically about situations before getting involved with strangers. Teach them to ask, “What does this person want from me? Do they have my best interests in mind?”
  • Teenagers are trying out new relationships and ways of relating to peers. Discuss the qualities of healthy friendships and romantic relationships. Help your teen identify signs of unhealthy or abusive relationships.