Emotional Turmoil

An emotional roller coaster might actually be understating the ride a teenager will take through the years between 13 and 19.

You can help yourself and your teenager put the emotional turmoil into perspective by remembering a few things.

  • Puberty, the physical transition to sexual maturity, sends a wash of hormones through your teenager. These hormones are sometimes going to cause erratic and irrational behaviour. Keep this in mind when things seem out of control. Give your child some space to deal with her emotions. Try not to take things personally – now, more than ever, your child needs you to be calm and sturdy.
  • Teenagers face many new responsibilities and stressors at school, work, and home. Help your child make good decisions about how much responsibility she can handle. Help her find constructive ways to deal with stress.
  • Your teenager’s entire relationship to the world and all the people they know is in flux while he tests out his independence and sexuality. Remember that your relationship with your child is supposed to change as he moves toward adulthood. Allow this transition to happen naturally and you will gain more from this new relationship than you lose.