Peer Pressure

Through the teen years, your teen’s friends will become more and more influential in his life. To build healthy minds, teens need strategies to deal with peer pressure.
  • Peer pressure can be a good thing. A group of friends may use pressure to convince a girl not to drive home drunk. It can also be a negative force pushing your teen into risky behaviour.
  • Talk to your teen about leadership qualities and ways she can influence her friends into making positive choices.
  • Empower your teen by allowing him to make decisions for himself. Good decision-making practice and independent thinking experience are necessary tools for dealing with peer pressure.
  • Equip your child with real-life strategies for coping with negative peer pressure. A secure sense of her values and a handy comeback can go a long way toward deflecting negative peer pressure.
  • Encourage your teen to choose positive role models and relationships that give him positive peer pressure. Make sure he has a chance to join sports teams, clubs, and interest groups where he can meet a wide variety of people outside his usual social circle.
  • Applaud independent thinking and individuality. Not following the herd is a sign of a healthy mind.