Healthy Sexuality

During the five years it takes to progress through puberty, life with your teen can be a challenge. You can help smooth the bumpy road of adolescence by helping teens develop respect for their bodies.

Adolescent sexual feelings are very powerful and teens will struggle to deal with them. It is important to remember that experimentation is a NORMAL part of adolescence. This is a time when teens ‘try on’ adult roles and behaviours. Much to the dismay of parents, these behaviours may include experimentation with alcohol, drugs, smoking, and sex. Remember, though peers strongly influence social behaviour, your teenagers are taking note of what you have to say about these topics.

You can help them find a path to healthy sexuality.

  • Be aware of your teen’s world. Read what she reads, watch what she watches, and listen to what she listens to. Ask about her day. Find out what stresses, issues, and pressures she’s dealing with.
  • Help your teens to find accurate information on adolescent sexual health. Find out what is taught about sexual health in your teen’s school. Supplement that information with books and discussions at home.
  • Talk openly with your teen about relationships, sexuality (not just sex), how he can make healthy sexual choices, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy.