Making Choices

Teens need to understand that healthy sexuality is all about making their own choices.

They need to feel empowered to control their own sexuality. If they don’t, they are at risk for bowing to peer pressure, coercion, abuse, and engaging in risky sexual behaviour. Teach your teen how to make informed decisions about his sexual health.

  • Help your teen determine what her sexual limits are and how she can communicate her values and decisions.
  • Talk about respecting the limits of others. Talk about rape. Make it clear that forced or coerced sex is both hurtful and illegal. No one has a right to force someone else to have sex.
  • Discuss how alcohol and drugs can influence a person’s ability to make good, safe decisions.
  • Help your teen develop strategies for dealing with peer pressure.
  • If your teen plans to be sexually active, make contraception options available.