There is more to healthy sexuality than teaching your teen about erections and menstruation. Talk with your teen about sexuality not just sex.
  • Discuss what a healthy relationship is and talk about sex as part of a loving relationship.
  • Talk about the value of abstaining from sex until adulthood. Discuss all aspects of physical intimacy.
  • Share your values about sexual activity. Listen to your teen as he explores his own views and values.
  • Part of establishing healthy sexuality is exploring one’s sexual identity, gender role, and physical attractions. Be prepared to talk openly with your child about heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and transexuality.
  • Let your teen know that masturbation is a healthy part of sexuality and normal behaviour.
  • Talk with your teen about sex, sexuality, and gender in the media, especially pornography.
  • Avoid using scare tactics to frighten teens into abstinence. It’s unlikely to be effective and it can hamper their healthy sexual development. To develop into a healthy adult, teens need to know about the powerful, joyful, and pleasurable aspects of sex.
  • Empower your teen to develop the decision-making skills and maturity to make her own choices about her sexuality.