Our Logo

On August 30, 2013, the Vancouver Island Health Authority transitioned to a new public name – Island Health – along with a refreshed logo. As our organization serves more than just Vancouver Island – including surrounding islands and communities on the mainland off the north tip of Vancouver Island – this change better reflects the broader community that we serve. This move also aligns with the direction already taken by the other BC Health Authorities.

Island Health’s visual identity reflects who we are and what we stand for. It represents what people think and feel about everything we do. The most visible component of Island Health’s visual identity is our logo. It consists of three mountains, a wave and word mark. It represents the west coast in its graphic elements, as well as the three geographic zones of our health region – north, central and south.

General Rules for External Use of Our Logo

The logo is most often used in color but can be represented in grayscale or reverse on a dark background as well. It works well at a variety of sizes and can be sent to you in a variety of formats.

Please read our Graphic Standards 2014 (pdf)

Requests for logo files and questions about usage can be sent to Jennifer.morgan@viha.ca. When requesting a logo file, please provide the context in which the logo will be used and the name of the person or department you are working with.