Community Feedback

The following statistics and comments are taken from responses to a client satisfaction survey the centre conducted.


  • Ninety two (92%) percent of people surveyed received useful information and felt that the nurse took time to understand their concerns.
  • Eighty eight (88%) percent received help in coping with their situation.

As a result of working with the nurse at the centre:

  • Eighty four (84%) of clients felt better about themselves, felt more hopeful and supported.
  • Seventy nine (79%) had a better understanding of their situation.
  • Ninety five (95%) were more aware of what they could do to improve their situation.
  • Sixty five (65%) percent actually used new strategies to improve their health.


The nurse went the extra mile for me. They helped me to organize my disability application and gave me health information. [They] made me feel like a person, NOT a number.

The nurses offered a safe place to use the information they provided and the group support also helped to encourage me to heal the extreme pain I was in. I will never forget their kindness, honest concern, and encouragement that helped me get my life back.

The nurses have provided me with information which encouraged me to start decreasing my medication intake. When I first began working with your Centre 3 years ago, I was taking 13 different medications. I was in a bad state of health, emotionally and physically. Today I only take one type of medication unless I have a physical ailment. My appreciation for the Centre is tenfold.

I got the full meal deal for my health care - it was a one stop shop for health!