• Provide consistent daily drop-in services.
  • Provide clients who are seeking office appointments access to nursing services within 14 working days.
  • Provide drop-in clients seeking telephone information access to nursing services within 1 working day of initial phone call.
  • Maintain and enhance access to health information through library and internet services, ensuring adequate support for library cataloguing and book retrieval.
  • Continue to facilitate the self-help and support group aspect of service delivery for those with chronic health issues through a consistent budget allocation, facilitator meetings and dedicated group meeting space.
  • Ensure competent nursing practice through professional development that supports staff to work with complex and diverse client/community needs.
  • Support community development activities that bring Nursing Centre staff into contact with other community agencies and provide an opportunity to identify significant gaps in service in the Comox Valley and where appropiate the North Island region. The Nursing Centre recognizes that it is not our mandate to meet all those gaps in services but rather to be active participants on committees and work with the community to find solutions.
  • In partnership with clients and the community, continue to advocate for those living in poverty, a key social determinant of health.
  • With the support of clerical and information technology staff, continue to enhance the documentation and evaluation of our work through the development of a data base that highlights the nature of clients needs and outcome measures.
  • Continue to support the concept of a Nursing  Centre, moving toward a vision of collaborative interdisciplinary practice that is responsive to community need. Within the concept of Nursing  Centre, develop a role for Nurse Practitioner and seek funding support for it.
  • Through strong nursing leadership, work toward enhanced clinical links within the North Island region and the larger VIHA community, recognizing our potential to become a regional resource.