A neuropsychological evaluation helps us get a better understanding of a child's memory, attention, perception, language, coordination and personality.   

Neuropsychology Services offers assesments and as psychoeducational/rehabilitation plans for children who have been diagnosed with neurological or medical conditions where brain dysfunction is suspected to affect their cognitive abilities, learning in school, or day to day behaviours.

For example, children with:

  • seizures,
  • traumatic or other brain injuries,
  • brain infections,
  • brain tumours,
  • cerebrovascular disease,
  • cerebral malformations,
  • genetic-metabolic disease,
  • hydrocephalus,
  • movement disorders,
  • muscle diseases,
  • progressive/neurodegenerative conditions,
  • spina bifida,
  • cognitive or neurological complications of medical interventions or other medical conditions (e.g., side effects of cranial radiation, chemotherapy, or heart surgery),
  • undergoing neurosurgery,
  • genetic syndromes and associated cognitive deficits, and
  • neurological symptoms with no clear neurological basis, but who are actively being investigated by medical specialists.

Children who have sustained a brain injury within the past 12 months, or those with acute or urgent medical needs, will be given priority and seen at the soonest possible time.

Neuropsychological assessments take time and therefore the child needs to be able to attend to and cooperate with standardized test procedures.

Children with severe generalized developmental delay, severe behaviour disorders, or severe motor or communication disorders are unlikely to be able to complete tests beyond those available from school districts or developmental programs/clinics, and are therefore not elegible for Neuropsychology Services.

Neuropsychological Services does not assess children who require a diagnosis primarily for funding purposes, nor those with ADHD or a learning disability (without an accompanying medical condition). Children in these categories are referred to school districts, psychologists consulting to child development centres, or other community services.

Contact Information

Dr. Michael Joschko
Coordinator of Neuropsychological Services
2400 Arbutus Road
Victoria, BC  V8N 1V7
Phone: 250 721-6797

Referrals should be directed to:

Intake - Child, Youth & Family Mental Health
2400 Arbutus Rd.
Victoria, B.C. V8N 1V7
Phone: 250-721-6756
Fax: 250-721-6789

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