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Consultant and Extra Staffing Supports

Every child with developmental and behavioural challenges must have a Support Guide completed by an SCD consultant to access supports from the Supported Child Development Program (SCDP).

The Support Guide:

The information gathered during the Support Guide process helps to guide the SCD consultant's clinical decision regarding the level of SCDP services.

The Support Guide may include:

  • SCD consultant’s observations of the child in the child care setting,
  • assessments and/or reports of other health care professionals and community partners, and 
  • the efforts and strategies used by the child care staff to promote inclusion.

Using the Support Guide, the SCD consultant may decide on:

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Consultant Only services include:

    • the provision of on-site training with observations, suggestions and discussion around a family’s goals for a child’s development and care.
    • organizing of team meetings with therapists and other Island Health and community professionals
    • off-site training in the form of workshops, information sessions, mentoring opportunities.
    • networking opportunities for families and/or child care providers.
    • guidance on child development opportunities including daycare options as well as recreation centres or playgroups.
    • navigating community partners through the local child care system.

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Extra Staffing Support funded by SCDP:

  • enhances staffing levels in order to help ensure the effective inclusion of all the children in the child care setting. 
  • are considered shared and are in addition to adult-to-child ratios specified by Island Health Licensing regulations. SCDP does not fund “one-to-one” support.
  • promotes teamwork by helping all staff to take responsibility and participate in modifications or adaptations to the environment and programming.
  • may only complement on-site therapeutic interventions with prior approval by the SCD consultant.

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Temporary Supported Care arrangements may include:

  • sub-contracting with an individual to provide care in their own home as an Inclusive Assisted Care (IAC) provider, or
  • creating an In-Own-Home contract with a family for a child with medical complexities or severe behaviour challenges.

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Contact Information

SCDP Administrative Assistant
Jenni Funk
(250) 519-6961

Supported Child Development Program (SCDP)
Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health
2400 Arbutus Road
Victoria, BC, V8N 1V7

Community Partners

Provincial Supported Child Development Program

Aboriginal Supported Child Development