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SCDP Contracts





The Supported Child Development Program (SCDP) contracts with:

  • licensed child care centres including: family or group daycares, preschools, kindercare and out of school care providers,
  • individual care providers in Inclusive Assisted Care (IAC) arrangements, or
  • families for In-Own-Home arrangements. 

Master contract

The master contract or "umbrella contract" is the legal document that outlines the provisions and expectations between the Supported Child Development Program and the contracted child care provider. The expectations are contained in sections called Schedules. These expectations include, but are not limited to, on-site observations and the provision of suggestions and strategies by the SCD Consultants.  The contract may be from one to five years in duration and are managed day-to-day by the SCD Consultants.

There are three different contracts:

Appendix A:

    The Appendix A or Supported Child Development Authorization Form calculates the financial supports to the care provider for identified children over a specified period of time.  An Appendix A may contain deliverables which are client specific or are more than the usual expectations in the master contract.  The level of financial supports may change over time depending on the child’s developmental and health care needs as well as the mix of children's needs in the child care setting.

    Licensed Group Care

    The Supported Child Development Program contracts with licensed child care including:

    • preschools
    • group and family daycares, and
    • out of school care programs.

    Licensed child care centres entering into a contract with the SCDP have the responsibility to hire and pay support staff according to the contracted hours outlined in the Appendix A.  The SCDP pays the child care centre directly in accordance with the contract as negotiated by an SCD consultant with the centre.

    Inclusive Assisted Care (IAC)

    Inclusive assisted care is age and/or developmentally appropriate inclusive daycare or out of school care in the contractor's home or in a community setting.  IAC arrangements are funded by the SCDP when a client cannot access inclusive group child care or has been excluded from group child care arrangements and are meant to fill a temporary child care need while working towards a transition back to group care whenever possible. 

    IAC providers who contract with the SCDP must be at least 19 years of age and have a Criminal Record Clearance for working with children and vulnerable peoples from the Ministry of Justice.

    For more information see IAC information for parents (PDF) or IAC information for care providers (PDF).


    Upon SCD Coordinator approval, the SCDP will contract with and provide funding to the child’s parent/guardian to provide inclusive childcare in the child’s own home.  The parent/guardian becomes the employer and is responsible for recruiting, hiring and paying the caregiver*.  The parent must register for a Revenue Canada Business Number, Worksafe BC Number, and hire a bookkeeper or payroll service. 

    In-Own-Home arrangements are reserved for children who are unable to participate in licensed child care or inclusive assisted care due to medical complexities or severe behaviour challenges and must be approved by the SCDP Coordinator.

    *the caregiver must be at least 19 years of age

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    Contact Information

    SCDP Administrative Assistant
    Jenni Funk
    (250) 519-6961

    Supported Child Development Program (SCDP)
    Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health
    2400 Arbutus Road
    Victoria, BC, V8N 1V7

    Community Partners

    Child Care Resource and Referral (Victoria)

    Sooke West Shore Child Care Resource and Referral

    Supported Child Development

    Aboriginal Supported Child Development