EIP Assessment and Treatment

Usually, your child will need to be assessed before your team’s therapists will provide treatment to your child. Assessments may be as informal as an observation of your child while visiting you at home. Other assessments are more formal and may involve standardized testing materials or equipment.

Guided by your priorities and goals, assessments help team members to determine what to do to help your child. Periodic reviews show whether a particular treatment plan is working or needs to be modified.

Once intervention has begun, where and how often you and your child will see each of the professionals working with your family will vary. You will discuss whether the most effective treatment would be done at home, in a child care setting, or at one of the Early Intervention Program office sites.

It can include:

  • Consulting to caregivers
  • Giving handouts with ideas and activities
  • Individual intervention
  • Group intervention
  • Connecting children and families to community based services and supports

Contact with a member of your child’s team could range from a phone call followed by suggestions in the mail to one-to-one treatment sessions. The results of your child’s assessments and your family preferences will guide possible options for treatment.

If your child requires one-to-one treatment, a schedule of treatment sessions will be arranged with the therapist(s) on your child’s team. Sometimes, team members might work together with your child, at other times they will work individually. 

Contact Information

To make a referral:

CYFH-RS Intake
Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health
2400 Arbutus Road
Victoria, BC V8N 1V7
Phone: 250.519.6763

For early intervention services outside Victoria, contact:

Cowichan valley


Comox Valley

Alberni valley

Community Partners BC Early Hearing Program  

Victoria Native Friendship Centre

Aboriginal Infant Development Program

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Program

MCFD Early Intervention Therapy Program

MCFD Early Intervention Therapy Guidelines

MCFD Early Childhood Intervention

BC Children's Hospital

College of Occupational Therapists of BC

College of Physical Therapists of BC

College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC

BC College of Social Workers