Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides services for children from birth to 5 years of age with or at risk for developmental delays, living in Greater Victoria and the Southern Gulf Islands  It is a multidisciplinary service based on child needs and family priorities.

Services are provided in the child’s home, daycare, preschool, community program or at one of our four office locations; Queen Alexandra Centre, Saanich Peninsula Health Unit, Pearkes Tillicum Recreation Centre or the QA Family Centre (Wale Road).

What services does EIP offer?

The mix of services for each child is determined in consultation with the family as part of the assessment process. Services may include:

Infant Development – for children from birth until age 3

Consultants are available to follow a child’s development. This can include home visits, teaching strategies and/or assessment for developmental monitoring. 

Therapy – for children from birth to age 5 who require occupational or physical therapy

Speech-language therapy is available for children who also require either occupational or physical therapy.  If your child only requires speech-language therapy please refer to your local health unit.

Hearing Services – for children with moderate to profound hearing loss

We have speech-pathologists and a teacher of the deaf, who are able to work with you and your child. This includes children who are eligible for the BC Early Hearing Program

Supported Child Development – for children experiencing difficulty in early childhood learning settings (preschool, daycare)

Respite – For families already registered in our program

We have short term respite care services to help you develop the skills and plan you need to create long-term respite supports for your family.

What services are available elsewhere?

If you have one of the following concerns, please contact the service provider nearest you:

If your family identifies with aboriginal heritage, you may access infant development and supported child development services through the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, which we work closely with.

If challenging behaviours are your only developmental concern, we cannot accept a referral except for supported child development consultation for the child’s preschool/daycare.

What does intervention look like?

Infants and young children develop best with nurturing and responsive relationships within strong supportive environments. We work with your family to develop skills you need to support your child’s development. What this looks like depends on your family’s needs. At different times it can be any one these:

  • Developmental monitoring via questionnaire and/or home visits
  • Direct one-on-one intervention in your home or at one of our centres
  • Group instruction with the child, parent(s) or both
  • Consultation to your child’s preschool/daycare staff
  • Specialized assessment by our team or other consulting services
  • Specialized equipment
  • Family support and education groups

Who can make a referral?

Anyone can make a referral.  However, a child's legal guardian must give consent before we provide services.

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Contact Information

To make a referral:

CYFH-RS Intake
Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health
2400 Arbutus Road
Victoria, BC V8N 1V7
Phone: 250.519.6763 or 250.519.6967

For early intervention services outside Victoria, contact:

Cowichan valley



Comox Valley

Alberni valley

Community Partners BC Early Hearing Program  

Victoria Native Friendship Centre

Aboriginal Infant Development Program

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Program

MCFD Early Intervention Therapy Program

MCFD Early Intervention Therapy Guidelines

MCFD Early Childhood Intervention

BC Children's Hospital

College of Occupational Therapists of BC

College of Physical Therapists of BC

College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC

BC College of Social Workers