Emergency Management

An emergency is a harmful event that has wide-scale impact on a community. Emergencies can be directly health-related, such as pandemic influenza, SARS and West Nile virus. More commonly, emergencies are related to events that have health consequences. Examples include hazardous substance releases, earthquakes, multiple casuality incidents, severe weather events and technological disruptions.

Island Health is constantly working to reduce the risk of disaster and ensure strategies and trained staff are in place to provide an effective response in the event that disaster occurs. 

For more information, visit Emergency Management Resources.

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Contact Information

Health Emergency Management BC (HEMBC)

Gorge Road Hospital, Room 3301
63 Gorge Road East
Victoria, B.C. V9A 1L2

Phone: 250.519.3484
Fax:     250.519.5338
Email:   hembc@viha.ca

HEMBC Contacts

Department Leaders

Corporate Director: Gerry Delorme