Your home health professional will do a needs assessment.  For some services a financial assessment will also be needed.

Before your assessment visit, you may wish to make a list of questions you have and gather any information you feel will help.

You may wish to have a family member or a friend with you during the assessment visit to provide support and help you answer questions.

During the assessment visit, the home health professional may ask you about:

  • your health history and current health issues
  • your ability to cope with your health care issues
  • permission to contact your family, your doctor and others involved in your care
  • what medications you take
  • how you manage activities of daily living such as eating and dressing
  • what family and social supports you have, such as friendships, churches and groups you belong to 
  • your income

Your home health professional may ask to see:

  • Two pieces of identification to confirm your identity
  • Your BC Care Card
  • Prescription medication
  • The name and phone number of your doctor(s)
  • The name and address of a close relative or friend
  • Your most recent income tax return or notice of assessment
  • War veteran and pension cheque stubs

Based on this assessment, we will discuss with you:

  • which specific services you are eligible for,
  • what your health care needs are, and
  • whether you will be required to pay anything

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