Compliments and Complaints

Quality care is important to all of us. You have the right to give feedback about your care and know you will be treated fairly. Your feedback gives us an opportunity to improve the care and services we provide.

How do I send a compliment?

If you are receiving care from us, please take a moment to pass on your compliments directly to the person providing your care. Our staff members are thrilled to hear that you have appreciated their care.

If you are no longer receiving care or services, you may contact the Patient Care Quality Office to pass on your feedback. They will relay your comments to those who provided your care or service.

How do I lodge a complaint or concern?

If you have complaint regarding your care – including Home Health services, Assisted Living services and Residential Care services – please speak with the health care provider or manager first.  It is best to address and resolve a complaint when it occurs. Follow the links below to contact your health care provider

If you have a complaint that remains unresolved, the next step is to contact the Island Health Patient Care Quality Office.

What can I expect if I make a complaint to the Patient Care Quality Office?

You can expect your complaint to be dealt with promptly and fairly. The Patient Care Quality Office will:

      • Formally register your complaint
      • Work with you to identify a reasonable resolution to your concern
      • Provide you with a response to your complaint and an explanation about any decisions and actions taken as a result of your complaint

For more information about this process, please read more on our Patient Care Quality Office page.

If you are concerned about someone who may be experiencing physical or financial abuse or self-neglect, please call the Community Access Centre for your community. As the designated agency to respond to possible concerns about abuse or neglect of elderly or vulnerable persons, Island Health will respond to your concerns in an appropriate manner.

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