Other Useful Contacts

The following groups may become involved when you lodge a complaint, depending on the situation:

Resident / Family Councils

Resident and Family Councils play an important role in promoting resident-focused care for clients. Island Health sponsors councils by providing VIHA sites for meetings and some support for Councils’ administrative work, such as organizing meetings and taking minutes. For more about the role of Councils, please click here.

Assisted Living Registrar

The Office of the Assisted Living Registrar for British Columbia  investigates complaints about the health and safety of Assisted Living residences.  If you have any concerns about the safety and security of an Assisted Living residence, or the health and safety of a person who lives there, you should first talk with a staff member.  If the concern is not resolved, you can make a complaint to the Assisted Living Registrar.  More information is available from the Office of the Assisted Living Registrar at 1-866-714-3378.

Licensing Office

In the province of British Columbia, the Community Care and Assisted Living Act is in place to protect people receiving care in licensed community care facilities, including residential care facilities. A Medical Health Officer or designate (usually a Licensing Officer) investigates every allegation or complaint of non-compliance with the Act.  For more information, please visit Island Health Licensing and the Community Care Licensing Branch.

Public Guardian and Trustee

The mandate of the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia includes the role of providing assistance to adults who need support for financial and personal decision making. For more information, please visit the Public Guardian and Trustee site.